Baltar Moves To A Town Of Comedic Big Brains

Here's the first bit of good news: Eureka is set to return to Syfy this July after too long a wait. Here's the second: There'll be a familiar face joining the cast for the new season: BSG's James Callis. » 3/15/10 12:17pm 3/15/10 12:17pm

Was Head-Baltar Really An Angel? We Asked James Callis

Battlestar Galactica's ending continues to mystify and belabor us. So when we spotted James Callis at Comic Con, we had to ask him: Was your virtual "head" persona really an angel? His answer: "Don't ask me, I just work here." » 8/10/09 8:30am 8/10/09 8:30am

Gaius Baltar Is The Teflon Scapegoat, James Callis Tells io9

We had two chances at Comic-Con to talk to James Callis about his cult following as Battlestar Galactica's Gaius Baltar. The first time, he told us about his amazingleadership secrets, and explained the difference between political and religious leadership. The second time, he talked to us more about the choices he… » 8/07/08 12:06pm 8/07/08 12:06pm

Exclusive: James Callis Reveals Baltar's Leadership Secrets, And David…

Today's Battlestar Galactica panel left us with some lingering questions about the show, including how its ending ties in with prequel series Caprica. Luckily, we had a chance to sit down with producer David Eick and some of the stars of BSG and ask a few questions. Click through for Gaius Baltar's leadership secrets,… » 7/26/08 6:00pm 7/26/08 6:00pm