Hayley Atwell Says Agent Carter is Ready to Get Over Steve Rogers

In this Comic-Con chat with the Agent Carter stars, James D’Arcy reveals which “hidden presence” in Jarvis’ life will soon be revealed, while Hayley Atwell discusses Peggy’s prospects for new romance—and the fact that “people are going to catch up” and finally realize what a badass Agent Carter is. »7/16/15 5:20pm7/16/15 5:20pm


China will see a much shorter version of Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas is a huge, sprawling novel, so it wasn't much of a surprise that the movie version clocked in at 172 minutes — but Chinese audiences will get a much tighter version of the film, lasting just 137 minutes. Unfortunately, thanks to state censors they're losing some of the good parts, including the gay love… »1/23/13 6:40pm1/23/13 6:40pm