All The Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can't Afford to Miss in August

Emily Dickinson had it wrong: There is no star cruiser like a book. When you want to journey past the furthermost limits of your own imagination, you turn to books. And August's new book releases are just packed with brilliant new ideas and thrilling stories, from some of the world's best writers. »8/03/12 7:29pm8/03/12 7:29pm


Why do epic fantasies always take place in monarchies, instead of democracies?

While we eagerly await the next installment of Game of Thrones, it's worth asking — why do there have to be thrones in the first place? Over at Pyr Books' Pyr-A-Zine, there's a great interview with James Enge, author of the new book A Guile of Dragons, who addresses the burning question: Why do so many epic fantasy… »8/02/12 2:55pm8/02/12 2:55pm

What Happens If SF Actually Wins The "Literary Respectability" Wars?

"I believe that the greatest danger to genre fiction nowadays is not the denial of respect from some notional group of literary tastemakers but the very real likelihood that sf/f may become respectable. Those who thirst for the foamy gray poison of respectability should consider the fate of jazz, once a popular… »10/06/09 6:20pm10/06/09 6:20pm