Oh, That's Why Baby Groot Didn't Want Drax To See Him Dancing in GOTG

It's Guardians of the Galaxy's most beloved scene. But have you ever wondered why Baby Groot froze in place whenever Drax the Destroyer turned to look at him? Director James Gunn actually has an answer. » 3/16/15 11:50am 3/16/15 11:50am

James Gunn Claims Marvel Is Skipping Comic-Con 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy's James Gunn is claiming that Marvel isn't going to Comic-Con this year. This news could make a lot of other studios very happy, but sadden a ton of fans. » 3/09/15 8:30am 3/09/15 8:30am

James Gunn's Poetic Defense of Superhero Movies

James Gunn took to his Facebook page to respond to a number of disses superhero movies took during the awards season. He was mostly very unconcerned with it all, but he did end with the admonition that their characters were every bit as loved as those from "serious" films. » 2/23/15 9:00pm 2/23/15 9:00pm

​Adam Warlock: The Most Important Character Not (Yet) in Marvel Movies

Director James Gunn allowed Facebook users to ask him anything - and he gave plenty of answers. Nestled amongst bits about favorite scenes or most difficult moments is confirmation of something (potentially) major: Adam Warlock was not in Guardians of the Galaxy. » 1/25/15 10:45am 1/25/15 10:45am

Seth Green Made Guardians Of The Galaxy Action Figures for James Gunn

Not only is he one of the awesome minds behind Robot Chicken (and also occasionally the galaxy's snarkiest pilot), but it turns out Seth Green is also pretty good at making custom action figures, looking at this set of toys based on the Ravagers he gave James Gunn for Christmas. » 12/22/14 3:20pm 12/22/14 3:20pm

Why James Gunn Is Right About Shared Universes

We're living in the age of the Shared Universe - more and more studios want a snifter of Marvel's money, and we're due for even more Cinematic Universes in our moviegoing future. But over the weekend James Gunn raised an excellent point on Facebook that really highlights the potentially ruinous flaw in this new boom. » 11/24/14 4:50pm 11/24/14 4:50pm

Even James Gunn Thinks This Is How GotG Should Have Ended

The How It Should Have Ended guys have gotten their hands on Guardians of the Galaxy to the delight of everyone, including director James Gunn, who wrote: "Haha! I love these. Having a 'How It Should Have Ended' is better than winning an Oscar." Doesn't this mean they should direct GotG2? Or at least the last bit? » 11/20/14 11:31am 11/20/14 11:31am

The Real Reason It Took So Long To Get An Official Dancing Groot Toy

Long have we waited for an official Guardians of the Galaxy dancing Groot toy, which is surprising as most movie toys launch right after the feature's premiere. But the real reason James Gunn waited so long to start baby Groot toy production makes a lot of sense. » 11/13/14 7:40am 11/13/14 7:40am

The Ending That Got Cut From Guardians of the Galaxy

While the ending of Guardians of the Galaxy, with its use of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" is very nearly perfect, James Gunn says there are scenes that got cut from the montage. They include a melancholy look at Peter Quill's grandfather, back on Earth. » 11/12/14 11:00pm 11/12/14 11:00pm

Get Ready, Guardians of the Galaxy's Chinese Title Is the Greatest

As usual, James Gunn is making sure we're apprised of what's going on for Guardians in Asia. And, according to one translation, China's gotten to the heart of the matter with "Interplanetary Unusual Attacking Team." » 10/07/14 11:30pm 10/07/14 11:30pm

Japan's Made the Best, and Funniest, Guardians of the Galaxy Trailers

Guardians of the Galaxy is premiering in Japan this week and director James Gunn has been kind enough to inform the world of the beauty that are their trailers. » 9/08/14 9:00pm 9/08/14 9:00pm

Yep, Star-Lord Is Getting A Brand-New Set Of Daddy Issues In GotG 2

Who's your daddy, Star-Lord? No, seriously, who is he? Because as director James Gunn has confirmed in an Empire Online interview, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Peter Quill will not be the son of J'Son, alien Emperor of Spartax, his dad in the original comics. » 8/12/14 2:42pm 8/12/14 2:42pm

Groot Was Inspired By James Gunn's Dog—That Explains A LOT

Did you wonder why it was so wondrously easy to open your heart to the lovely sort-of-talking tree creature Groot? Because he's an amalgam of everything that is adorable in this world, including director James Gunn's dog, Dr. Von Spears. » 8/07/14 4:08pm 8/07/14 4:08pm

Watching Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Like Getting Back Part Of Your Soul

Guardians of the Galaxy isn't just one of the year's best movies. It's also a really interesting experiment with form — it blends hilarious comedy, utterly sincere classic-rock corniness, and massive hold-onto-yourself cosmic adventure. The result might make you look at classic adventures a new way. NO SPOILERS… » 8/01/14 9:00am 8/01/14 9:00am

All The Weirdest Secrets You Never Knew About The Making Of Slither

Tomorrow, James Gunn ventures into wild space-opera territory with Guardians of the Galaxy. But just like Peter Jackson, Gunn started out directing gonzo horror — and we're going to take a look at the strange and miraculous journey behind the making of Slither. » 7/31/14 12:16pm 7/31/14 12:16pm

James Gunn Will Write And Direct Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

The first GotG movie isn't even out yet, but the buzz is so overwhelmingly positive — case in point, it's still rocking a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes — that Marvel decided to go ahead and lock down director James Gunn for the sequel and the screenplay. Smart move. » 7/26/14 7:30am 7/26/14 7:30am

James Gunn On The Movies You Must Watch Before Guardians Of The Galaxy

Earlier this month, Marvel released a Guardians of the Galaxy mixtape loaded with tunes from the '70s that will also serve as half of the film's soundtrack. It really helps set the tone for the film, so we asked director James Gunn to do the same thing with movies people should watch. » 7/22/14 12:00pm 7/22/14 12:00pm

You'll Never Guess Which Cult Marvel Character Could Be In Guardians!

We knew there would be some easter eggs and cameos in Marvel's new film Guardians of the Galaxy — but if a new report is to be believed, they include a character we never thought we'd see on the big screen again. Possible spoilers ahead... » 7/18/14 6:45am 7/18/14 6:45am

The Guardians of the Galaxy Set Got Us Excited For Space Movies Again

Last year, we headed to Shepperton Studios to watch James Gunn film Marvel's first real space adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy. And we did not expect to get quite as excited as we did. Here's what we saw, and why it's good for our new batch of space scoundrels. » 7/08/14 11:00am 7/08/14 11:00am