New Beginnings And Pretty Pictures Dominate This Week's Comics

After the cathartic experience of last week's election, the comic industry is obviously looking to move onto new beginnings this week, if the raft of new series is anything to go by. We have supernatural forensic teams, superheroine envy, a beautiful art book and even a comic version of a novel that will make many of… » 11/11/08 9:00am 11/11/08 9:00am

Naked Alien Dances For The Fashion Industry

A naked pale alien girl scampers into a featureless landscape. But don't worry — she makes friends with birds and butterflies and stuff, and ends up dressed in Prada. Some images from the animated film "Trembled Blossoms," advertising Prada's Spring/Summer line, caught my eye in a Japanese glossy magazine, and by the… » 8/13/08 11:38am 8/13/08 11:38am