James Marsters reveals the secrets of his dark new Spike comic

After Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel ended, there were persistent rumors that Director Joss Whedon was going to make a Spike movie with actor James Marsters reprising his role as the fan-favorite vampire. It never happened, but now the movie is taking new life as a comic book called Into the Light, written by… »11/20/13 3:05pm11/20/13 3:05pm


Warehouse 13 may not be clever, but it has heart. (And James Marsters)

Last night's season opener of Warehouse 13 took a couple of very well-worn ideas, and managed to make them feel pretty fresh, all over again. The two quests that our heroes go on are full of things you've seen before, but they're helped immensely by the characters, a few cunning twists... and guest star James Marsters. »4/30/13 9:35pm4/30/13 9:35pm

Stick A Spike In Caprica: James Marsters Joins The BSG Prequel

He's already livened up Torchwood, Smallville and Dragonball, but now Buffy's punky vampire, James Marsters, is joining the cast of Caprica, the prequel to Battlestar Galactica. He'll play a terrorist (presumably a monotheist) named Barnabus Greeley. Says EW's Michael Ausiello, "Driven by desires both moralistic and… »8/18/09 5:20pm8/18/09 5:20pm

Fox Is Still Polishing Dragonball, As Release Date Changes Again

Just how much trouble is Fox's Dragonball »11/12/08 12:00pm11/12/08 12:00pm movie in? Our first looks at pics and footage haven't inspired much confidence in the saga of an alien warrior's quest for the seven orbs of power. And some newly released promotional photos (see gallery below) aren't likely to change anyone's mind. Meanwhile, news comes that…

A First Look At Dragonball's Live-Action Lord Piccolo

For months, Dragonball »9/03/08 10:30am9/03/08 10:30am fans have worried over the live-action recreation of the demon Lord Piccolo. Will he be green? Will he be all CG? Will it look like a dude in a mask? stills have leaked, answering all of your pressing Piccolo questions. And unfortunately, I'm left a little bewildered by the whole look. The man…