How Scarlet Witch's New Comic Uncovers The Mystic Marvel Universe—And The Scarlet Witch Herself

Sister of Quicksilver. Wife of Vision. Daughter of Magneto (or not). X-Man. Avenger. We know these facts about Wanda Maxmimoff, but really, who is Scarlet Witch? Ahead of her first-ever solo series, we sat down with writer James Robinson to discuss how he’ll explore what makes Wanda really tick. »11/06/15 3:30pm11/06/15 3:30pm


Welcome to Earth Two, the parallel universe where the new Justice Society lives

In DC Comics' upcoming series Earth Two, alternate dimension versions of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman rub shoulders with a younger incarnation of the venerable Justice Society. io9 spoke with author James Robinson (Starman, JSA) about what it was like to transform DC's oldest superheroes into novice… »5/01/12 5:00pm5/01/12 5:00pm

League of Extraordinary Gentleman Screenwriter Makes Monkeys Out of Justice League

When a certain superhero meets his end in DC's Final Crisis, it means a return for a favored comic trope: The superhero team that's pissed off and willing to get their hands dirty when they fight back. What's different about this latest incarnation of the bad new superbears? Well, it's the all-new Justice League, as… »5/23/08 1:20pm5/23/08 1:20pm