Some Of The Weirdest Pen Names Science Fiction Authors Have Used

The name Eando Binder sounds exotic and kinkily Teutonic — but it's actually a pseudonym for Earl and Otto Binder, who turned "E and O" into the science-fictional-sounding "Eando." Learn the origins of James S.A. Corey, Murray Leinster, James Tiptree Jr., and other unusual SF pen names, over at Barnes & Noble. » 3/09/15 2:59pm 3/09/15 2:59pm

First Trailer For Syfy's Expanse Has Zero-G Sex, And Hints Of Space War

Here it is: Your first look at The Expanse, Syfy's huge adaptation of the book series by James S.A. Corey. Including a lot of insanely beautiful visuals, but also a ton of intense drama as the "Belters" at the edge of the solar system chafe under the control of Earth and Mars. What do you think? » 1/15/15 11:20am 1/15/15 11:20am

10 Space Empires That Actually Make Economic Sense

Everybody loves a huge space empire. A far-flung interplanetary civilization combines the romance of exploration with the pride and cool-factor of building something. But not every star-spanning regime is a viable proposition. Here are 10 star-empires from science fiction that make economic sense. » 9/24/14 10:45am 9/24/14 10:45am

Thomas Jane Will Play The Hardboiled Space Detective In Syfy's Expanse

We're excited for Syfy's "Game of Thrones in space" series The Expanse, based James S. A. Corey's series of books (which begin with Leviathan Wakes). And now the show has cast one of its leading men, Hung, The Mist, and The Punisher actor Thomas Jane. » 7/11/14 7:00pm 7/11/14 7:00pm

In Cibola Burn, a Space Colony is Torn Apart by Racism from Earth

Cibola Burn is James S.A. Corey's fourth outing in the Expanse series. Its intense action is set in motion by one compelling truth: humanity may be able to escape from our home system, but we have a lot of baggage that we carry with us. » 6/17/14 6:31pm 6/17/14 6:31pm

Where Are All The Stories About The Mid-Point Of Space Colonization?

The first tentative trips outwards or life under the heel of an entire sweeping galactic empire are both popular starting points in epic space exploration fiction, but what about the middle stories that fill in the tales between those two? » 6/13/14 4:20pm 6/13/14 4:20pm

Author James S.A. Corey Is Here To Talk To You About Leviathan Wakes!

In May, the io9 book club read James S.A. Corey's Leviathan Wakes. Today, from 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. (PDT) Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, the two authors who collaborate as James S.A. Corey, will be here to answer your questions about Leviathan Wakes, interstellar detective stories, and anything else! » 6/13/14 11:10am 6/13/14 11:10am

io9 Book Club Reminder: Meeting 6/9 to Discuss Leviathan Wakes

You've still got the weekend to finish up this month's book club pick! To celebrate the impending release of the latest novel in James S.A. Corey's Expanse series, we're reading the first book in the series, Leviathan Wakes. We'll meet on 6/9 to discuss it. » 6/04/14 1:49pm 6/04/14 1:49pm

Syfy Turns James S.A. Corey's Expanse Into "Game Of Thrones In Space"

Yes, please. Syfy has given a direct-to-series order to The Expanse, a new show based on James S.A. Corey's acclaimed space-opera novels, with the first season comprising 10 episodes. And they're describing it as "Game of Thrones in space." This is everything we've wanted from Syfy for years. » 4/11/14 3:43pm 4/11/14 3:43pm

10 Book Series That Would Make Excellent TV Shows

Nowadays, a lot of the best TV shows are based on books, especially book series. But the amazing thing about science fiction and fantasy books is, there's always more riches to explore. We've barely scratched the surface, in fact. Here are 10 more book series that would make terrific TV shows. » 3/03/14 11:21am 3/03/14 11:21am

First Look at James S.A. Corey's New Star Wars Novel About Han Solo

Good news: There's a Star Wars novel that focuses on Han Solo, everybody's favorite interplanetary smuggler and vest-wearing rogue. Even more good news: Honor Among Thieves is written by James S.A. Corey, author of Leviathan Wakes. Final good news: We've got an exclusive sneak peek! » 2/27/14 10:48am 2/27/14 10:48am

We called James S.A. Corey's Leviathan Wakes a "Hollywood blockbuster in book form" — but now instead of a movie, it looks like it's becoming a TV series, with a pilot written by the writers of Iron Man. » 9/04/13 5:32pm 9/04/13 5:32pm

Abaddon's Gate is literary space opera at its absolute best

The books in The Expanse series have all been terrific reads. Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, who write under the pseudonym James S.A. Corey, have said their writing style is basically "make it awesome." The latest book in the series, Abaddon's Gate, more than achieves that goal, adding to the reputation they've… » 6/03/13 4:06pm 6/03/13 4:06pm

10 Novels That Are More Action-Packed Than Most Summer Movies

It's summer movie season, the time when blockbuster films come out every week and we pit Vin Diesel against Wolverine. But how do you keep that cineplex excitement alive when you're at home on the couch? With books! Here are 10 science fiction novels that pack more non-stop thrills than Fast & Furious 6. Really. » 5/21/13 10:00am 5/21/13 10:00am

Princess Leia stands alone in this new Star Wars novel

Three new Star Wars novels tell solo adventures of the "big three" characters during the Original Trilogy era. And we've got an exclusive look at the Princess Leia novel, in which she's got a mighty big gun. » 4/25/13 1:37pm 4/25/13 1:37pm

Will your ballot still be secret in 2020?

Now that the dust has settled on the 2012 election, it's time to look forward — to the election of 2020. Fox News talked to a bunch of futurists about what elections are likely to look like eight years from now, including the idea of receiving your ballot via the Internet. The most interesting comments pretty much… » 11/07/12 4:07pm 11/07/12 4:07pm

How to Write a Killer Space Adventure Without Breaking the Speed of…

Is it possible to have a wild, exciting space adventure without resorting to magic? Or is there just no way to imagine conquering the vastness of the cosmos without warp drives, hyperspace, miraculous shielding and other fancy devices? » 9/17/12 11:48am 9/17/12 11:48am

Your Summer Beach Reading List for 2012

Summer is almost here, and that means one thing: Escape! Everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, humans will be fleeing their buildings and shedding their protective outer garments, even as the sun grows hotter and more intense. But for some of us, simply fleeing to large bodies of water isn't enough — we need to… » 4/25/12 4:11pm 4/25/12 4:11pm

All The Science Fiction and Fantasy Books We're Dying to Read in 2012

Science fiction and fantasy books are bigger than ever. A Dance With Dragons and Stephen King's time-travel saga rule the bestseller lists. Literary authors all flock to write about zombies, apocalypses and time travel. And by all indications, 2012 is going to be an even greater year for genre books. » 1/11/12 11:05am 1/11/12 11:05am

"Leviathan Wakes" is as close as you'll get to a Hollywood blockbuster…

When you dive into Leviathan Wakes, the first in the Expanse series from James S. A. Corey, you'll feel like you're watching the opening scene in any of a dozen awesome science fiction films. » 5/16/11 4:59pm 5/16/11 4:59pm