This is probably the best-looking Godzilla comic you've ever read

A few years back, Orc Stain artist (and io9 favorite) James Stokoe did a short concept piece titled World War G, in which Godzilla trashes Tokyo in Stokoe's grimy-gorgeous, hyper-detailed fashion. » 8/03/12 7:35am 8/03/12 7:35am

You'll want to throw money at this deranged graphic novel about…

When comic author Mark Andrew Smith (The Amazing Joy Buzzards) and artist James Stokoe (Orc Stain) completed their "minor league baseball team versus unspeakable cosmic horrors" graphic novel Sullivan's Sluggers, something downright criminal happened — barely any comic stores ordered the book. » 5/17/12 9:40am 5/17/12 9:40am

Read a preview of Orc Stain, the best-looking fantasy comic being…

Every time James Stokoe releases a new issue of Orc Stain, there ought to be an unofficial global holiday during which everyone across the planet takes the day off to admire the comic's gobsmacking line work. This insane fantasy warfare comic only comes out once in a while, but it's worth it and then some. Courtesy of… » 2/21/12 6:45am 2/21/12 6:45am

What if Spider-Man fought in Vietnam?

Orc Stain and Wonton Soup creator James Stokoe turns his incredibly detailed eye on everyone's favorite wallcrawler, placing him far from the supervillain-filled streets of New York, and casting him as a masked soldier in the short comic "Spider 'Nam." » 6/08/11 7:00am 6/08/11 7:00am

Thunder gods and foul-mouthed fairy tales hit comic stores this…

There's a lot of interesting reads in your comic shop this week, such as reprints of classic Planetary crossovers, the return of Odin in Matt Fraction's Thor, the 100th issue of Fables, and much more! » 12/07/10 9:07am 12/07/10 9:07am