I Almost Lost My Shit in Austenland 

Take it from me: You haven’t known true awkwardness until you’ve completely botched an English country dance at a masquerade ball at a Jane Austen Festival, disrupting the steps of Regency costume-clad people on both sides, finding yourself suddenly consumed with sympathy for the odious Mr. Collins of Pride and… »9/21/15 3:29pm9/21/15 3:29pm


Behold Jane Austen: The Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game

Yes, the world of Jane Austen's novels is getting its first role-playing game and let me explain to you why it's going to rock your world. It's called Ever Jane, and it takes the strategy of games like Magic: The Gathering and the social interactions of games like Diplomacy and adds it to the world of polite society… »10/30/13 5:40pm10/30/13 5:40pm

How to make sure the language in your historical fantasy novel is period-accurate

We love seeing the grand technological anachronisms in science fiction novels set in the past, such as Victorian or Edwardian-era steampunk or exaggerated Renaissance automata. But what if you want to keep the language in your historical novel accurate for the period? Here's a simple trick historical fantasy novelist… »1/19/13 10:30am1/19/13 10:30am

What Other Classics Need To Be Given The Odyssey Treatment?

News of a possible Brad Pitt sci-fi version of The Odyssey »10/18/08 3:00pm10/18/08 3:00pm got us thinking. No, not about how quickly we could leave the planet in case said movie ever actually came out, but about what other classic literature could be turned into science fiction vanity projects for some of our favorite actors. Join us as we consider…