Who's the character you most want to see die in the new Evil Dead?

The new Evil Dead movie is brutal to watch — but it was also brutal to film. The film is full of horrible ordeals, many of which actually happened to the actors on set. What were the most horrific things the stars of Evil Dead had to cope with? And which character is both the audience surrogate and the person whose… »4/04/13 6:44pm4/04/13 6:44pm

The Evil Dead remake looks graphic, gruesome and absolutely wonderful

The first ever footage of the remake Evil Dead screened at New York Comic-Con, and it is fucking crazy. We were on the fence as to what this movie would look like, and if the bit of footage just shown to the masses at NYCC is any indication, you guys might like this take on the old classic. Spoilers ahead. »10/13/12 5:30pm10/13/12 5:30pm