Jaron Lanier wants you to get money for your Instagram photos

Jaron Lanier is the guy who popularized virtual reality, back when it was still cool. He's a futurist visionary, a musician, and a digital shit-disturber. We've got an excerpt from his new book, Who Owns the Future?, which proposes a new way to manage the economy for the information age. » 5/08/13 10:01am 5/08/13 10:01am

Why does Jaron Lanier hate the Web so much?

Back in 2000, internet pioneer Jaron Lanier astonished the digital world by turning his back on the very thing he helped to create and promote — namely, the unabashedly enthusiastic and quasi-utopian vision of the future Web that took root in the late 1990s. » 12/27/12 3:12pm 12/27/12 3:12pm

Futurist Predicts American Knockoffs Of Chinese Tech

Futurist, techno-philosopher, and musician Jaron Lanier has a new book out, called You Are Not A Gadget. In an interview about it with Metafilter's Jessamyn West, Lanier predicts the next stage in globalism: Americans pirating Chinese designs. » 2/03/10 6:08pm 2/03/10 6:08pm