Night Shade Books' would-be owners on their controversial deal: "We're the good guys"

Night Shade Books has published some of the coolest books of the past several years, but it's also run into financial difficulties. Now Night Shade is trying to sell out to two other entities, in a deal that authors and agents have criticized. We talked to the prospective buyers, and they explained their side of… »4/05/13 4:39pm4/05/13 4:39pm

So You Sent Your Werewolf, Zombie, and Leprechaun to Space. Here's What Science Has to Say About That.

The last stage of any monster movie franchise is sending the monster to space. Jason, Dracula, and the Leprechaun have all been sent off of the Earth to boldly slash where no one has slashed before. Sure, they can do that in the movies. But what, you ask, would really happen? Today we're going to take a scientific… »10/31/12 10:35am10/31/12 10:35am

What if Where's Waldo went on a killing spree? Behold, Where's Jason!

To celebrate the passing of another Friday the 13th, the folks over at Stange Kids Club commissioned this hilarious wallpaper from illustrator Glen Brogan. We kind of love where their minds are at, now someone please make a horror book with a collection villains like Where's Jason?, Where's Freddy?, Where's Michael?,… »4/19/12 10:40am4/19/12 10:40am