The New Star Wars Crossover Comic Rejuvenates Darth Vader's Terrifying Reputation

Darth Vader should be an immensely intimidating figure. Emphasis on the should, because over the years, his appearances in increasingly silly scenarios as part of Star Wars’ place in pop culture have blunted his reputation. But Vader Down’s first issue is a fantastic reminder that we should never underestimate the… »11/18/15 9:30am11/18/15 9:30am


In This Week's Star Wars Comic, Princess Leia Gets To Kick Butt—Literally

After taking a break from its ongoing story last month to give us a badass Ben Kenobi side story, this week’s issue of Marvel’s Star Wars series gets ready to deal with the fallout from that insane twist that sent ripples through the new Star Wars canon. It also gives us Princess Leia being awesome. »8/21/15 6:44pm8/21/15 6:44pm