About That Twist in The Gift

At one point in the middle of Joel Edgerton’s The Gift, I thought to myself, “This movie is playing me like a violin.” It is taut throughout and includes one of the most suspenseful cinematic scenes in recent memory. It’s gorgeously shot. It juggles potential misdoing among multiple characters for a good chunk of its… » 8/10/15 12:20pm 8/10/15 12:20pm

9 Ways Hancock Could Have Been A Pretty Good Movie

Click to viewWill Smith's drunk-and-disorderly superhero movie, Hancock, hits theaters today, a full three days early. You can't help but wonder if Warner Bros. is trying to get the movie out there before all the bad buzz, and horrendous reviews, take effect. The sad thing is, there are a bunch of ways that Hancock » 7/01/08 12:35pm 7/01/08 12:35pm

Hancock And Superhero Movie Will Bring The Pain

Two new movies will make make fun of superheroes this year, but neither one will actually have anything interesting to say about the eminently mockable genre, judging from the latest info. David Zucker's Superhero Movie will stick to sight-gags about well-known characters and serve up dumb innuendo, judging from this… » 3/20/08 6:30am 3/20/08 6:30am