Everything You Need to Know About Earth-2 Before Tomorrow Night's Episode of The Flash

The Flash’s first season was defined by its admirable embrace of some of the Flash’s strangest comic book concepts: the mystery of the Reverse Flash, time travel, the goofy Rogues, and yes, Gorilla Grodd. But its second season is tackling something altogether crazier—the DC comics multiverse. Here’s what you need to… »10/12/15 4:00pm10/12/15 4:00pm


The Flash Gives Us an Amazing First Look at Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash!

We’ve known for a while that The Flash would be bringing in the original Flash, Jay Garrick, in its second season. Now we’ve got our first look at Teddy Sears in action as the Flash of Earth-2, and it’s in a glorious, glorious homage to the iconic comic cover for The Flash #123: Flash Of Two Worlds! »8/11/15 5:55pm8/11/15 5:55pm