The 9 Least Competent Jedi

For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. But they weren't necessarily very bright. Unfortunately, there’s no IQ test needed to become a Jedi Knight, and thus these guardians of peace and justice have brought almost as much war and disorder as… » 9/23/13 10:00am 9/23/13 10:00am

Jedi Kittens makes the whole week worth it

Between the hurricane and the giant rats this is really turning out to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weekend. And then someone made a video of kittens fighting with lightsabers. Now shut-up and eat your Jedi Kittens! » 8/26/11 9:30am 8/26/11 9:30am

"Ask Vader" anything you want!

Who needs a Magic 8-Ball when you can ask a Sith Lord about your problems? We're exclusively announcing the launch of two new "digital experiences" Fox is rolling out in celebration of the Star Wars Blu-ray release, including a digital catalog where you can vote for the best Star Wars out of the entire six-movie… » 8/23/11 11:25am 8/23/11 11:25am

New Clone Wars trailer shows off Admiral Ackbar's warrior skills

Nobody messes with the Mon Calamari! Watch as the heroic squid-faced aliens prepare for an underwater battle, in this epic new Clone Wars trailer. Plus, is that... the Cantina? » 8/16/11 10:06am 8/16/11 10:06am

Little girl joins the Dark Side, is promptly kicked out of the Jedi…

Watch as one brave young Padawan publicly pledges her allegiance to Darth Vader, causing a befuddled Mace Windu to escort her off stage and send her to the "Sith Academy." I think we've just found the next Secret Apprentice! » 4/11/11 9:58pm 4/11/11 9:58pm

The coolest character from Phantom Menace is showing up on Clone Wars

Qui-Gon Jinn may be dead, but he's not gone. Liam Neeson is bringing back the Master Jedi on Star Wars: Clone Wars by voicing the CG character (who appears in Obi-Wan's visions). Watch his return now! » 1/20/11 3:00pm 1/20/11 3:00pm

First look at the last Family Guy Star Wars special

Here's a little preview of the very last Family Guy Star Wars parody, titled Family Guy: It's a Trap!. Lois is prisoner of Jabba the Hutt (played by Joe). But which Family Guy character will play the Ewoks? [AceShowbiz] » 10/14/10 6:30am 10/14/10 6:30am

German fashion models done up to look like Yoda. Because why not?

They're bald, green and bearded. These models in Patrick Mohr's show at the Berlin Fashion Week today appear to be trying to channel a certain Jedi master. Judge them by their silly prosthetics, do you? Photo by AP. [Thanks Brian!] » 7/09/10 3:20pm 7/09/10 3:20pm

The Future Of Star Wars Is Coming To An End

Dark Horse's Star Wars: Legacy comic has been surprisingly great, telling the story of a distant descendant of Luke Skywalker who's neither Jedi nor Sith. And now Dark Horse is pulling the plug. To quote Luke's daddy, "Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!" » 5/13/10 12:30pm 5/13/10 12:30pm

Clooney Teaches Ewan McGregor To Be A Proper Jedi, In New Goats Trailer

The latest trailer for The Men Who Stare At Goats demonstrates George Clooney's Jedi/ninja skills. Check out his special warrior monk abilities, honed by the U.S. government for secret spy espionage. It's based on a true story! » 10/19/09 8:00am 10/19/09 8:00am

First Men Who Stare At Goats Clip Unleashes Clooney's Combat Skills

Now that you've already seen the Jedi mind tactics from the mustached psychic soldier George Clooney, take a look at his hand to hand combat skills as he almost breaks Ewan McGregor's arm. Secret Government warrior monks are hilarious. » 9/10/09 11:30am 9/10/09 11:30am

First Trailer For George Clooney And His Team Of Goat-Staring Military…

The Men Who Stare At Goats features a long-haired drugged-out Jeff Bridges, men trying to run through walls, and hot mustached Clooney-on-goat action. The film, inspired by the military's secret psychic experiments, actually looks pretty hilarious. » 8/28/09 11:20am 8/28/09 11:20am

Mandalorians Rule Star Wars: TOR Trailer, But Will Lucas Put Them In…

The Old Republic video game has just released a Mandalorian 101 trailer, showing why these guys are an awesome pain in the ass to our Jedis. In other Star Wars news rumor has it Lucas may be speaking at SDCC. » 7/08/09 11:03am 7/08/09 11:03am

Mini Vodo Inspires Jedi From Beyond the Grave

If you can't wait to expand your Star Wars Miniatures game into new territory, we've got a treat for you. It's a sneak peek at one of the characters in the upcoming Jedi Academy expansion, who will quickly become your favorite tentacled pal. » 5/28/09 1:00pm 5/28/09 1:00pm

Become a Jedi Knight in One Easy Lesson

There are many paths to becoming a Jedi. You can claim it as your religion on your census form. You can start attending a Jedi Church and vow to follow the Jedi Code. You can wear a hooded robe, utter pithy maxims, and take lessons in lightsaber dueling. But for those seeking a more academic approach to harnessing the… » 9/12/08 1:20pm 9/12/08 1:20pm

Game Your Way into the Star Wars Expanded Universe with a New Guide

Click to view » 8/18/08 7:30am 8/18/08 7:30amA lot of Star Wars fans first discovered the expanded Star Wars universe via the Knights of the Old Republic video games. Now you too can create your own characters and experience the rich, exciting era that took place thousands of years before the saga of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. The is a…

5 Things We Want To See In The Clone Wars TV Show

By now you'll have seen the movie - or, perhaps, decided that you don't want to see the movie because even just the idea of Ahsoka has scared you off - and know what kind of thing to expect from the upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars » 8/16/08 1:00pm 8/16/08 1:00pm TV show: Anakin Skywalker frowning a lot and hanging out with stormtroopers and…

Darth Vader Goes Low Rent In New Jedi Attack

Years after you thought he'd reformed and ended his war against the Jedi, Darth Vader is back and making trouble for those who learn from the teachings of zen muppet Yoda. Or, at least, that's what a Welsh court heard recently, as they learned about one of the most amusing physical attacks caught on camera in recent… » 4/24/08 7:30am 4/24/08 7:30am

Can a Jedi Lightsaber Cut Through Superman?

Someone at Yahoo! Answers asks: "Can a Jedi lightsaber cut through Superman?" In other words: is Superman more powerful than a Midichlorian? You'll never be able to get this question out of your head without at least trying to answer it. » 2/01/08 10:35am 2/01/08 10:35am