Your oldest living relative is a jelly, not a sponge.

Your oldest living relative is a jelly, not a sponge. An active debate among zoologists as to which ancient creature is the first true animal was just settled after an analysis of the comb jelly genome. Turns out we are descended from these ctenophores — a species that emerged 700 million years ago — and not sea… »12/13/13 7:00pm12/13/13 7:00pm

Could this "immortal" jellyfish unlock the secret to human life extension?

Nathan Rich of the New York Times has put together an article about the apparent "immortal" jellyfish, Turritopsis dohrnii, and how insights into its lifecycle could eventually lead to powerful rejuvenation therapies for humans. Not only is this article a must-read from the perspective of radical life extension, it's… »11/29/12 4:40pm11/29/12 4:40pm

Genetically engineered cell becomes world's first living laser

It looks like we're one step closer to having laser vision (or at least, laser-based diagnostic and therapeutic techniques). Researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have genetically engineered the world's first "living laser." That's right - a living cell can shoot laser… »6/13/11 4:22pm6/13/11 4:22pm