This Jem/X-Men Crossover Cosplay Is Both Uncanny and Truly Outrageous

You know what’s better than the live-action Jem movie? Well, just about anything. But also this fantastic cosplay from Skirts and Swords (the team behind the equally excellent Sailor Moon Biker Gang cosplay), where the ladies of the X-Men have merged with the stars of Jem to form a singularly outrageous band. »10/30/15 11:00am10/30/15 11:00am


11 Great Songs That Prove The Misfits Were Better At Girl Power Than Jem

One of the saddest things about the live-action Jem & the Holograms movie is that Jem’s rival band, the Misfits, are nowhere to be found. That’s incredibly dumb—because the Misfits are an integral part of why the 80s cartoon was so amazing. And, if you believe the opening theme, their songs are actually better. »7/03/15 1:00pm7/03/15 1:00pm

Neill Blomkamp Re-Clarifies How His Alien Movie Would Affect Alien 3

Age of Ultron will reveal the Avengers' darkest fears. Is Suicide Squad really like The Dark Knight? A closer look at some Jurassic World dinosaurs! The movie of Millar's Starlight is still happening. Plus, set pictures from Doctor Who, a cleaner look at Jem, and hints for what's to come on The Walking Dead.… »3/02/15 9:00am3/02/15 9:00am

Skeletor, Jem, Gumby And Other Toys Really Want You To Buy A Honda

I'm not exactly sure what Honda is thinking by creating a whole commercial series where they let classic toys like Skeletor, Strawberry Shortcake, Stretch Armstong, and the Fisher-Price Little People shill their cars. But I guess I'm at least as likely to buy a car from He-Man's nemesis as I am an regular car salesman. »11/16/14 10:30am11/16/14 10:30am

See Hasbro's awesome SDCC'13 exclusives you'll never be able to buy

The good news: Hasbro has revealed a number of the toys, dolls, figures and collectibles they'll be selling at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con via USA Today and they are unbelievably awesome. The bad news? You have about as much chance of purchasing these as of getting into Hall H to see a Joss Whedon panel (spend 12… »6/05/13 4:45pm6/05/13 4:45pm

Jem’s adventure with the Yeti and the magic bongos was truly outrageous

The Oxford definition of the word "outrageous" lists two meanings: "shockingly bad or excessive" and "wildly exaggerated or improbable." I'd say both of those apply to the Jem and the Holograms episode "Journey to Shangri-La," in which Jem nearly kills both the Holograms and the Misfits — all for the sake of a magic… »3/08/13 3:29pm3/08/13 3:29pm