Watch The Buffy Parody Series So Bad It Never Aired. Until Now.

Back in 2007, the folks behind Not Another High School Movie created the pilot for Not Another High School Show. As you can probably guess, the show was a spoof of all the tween TV series we love, starring Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence. Now, the first-ever footage from the parody series is out. It's not great. »8/17/14 12:00pm8/17/14 12:00pm

Oh My God, Stop With the Absurd Hunger Games Merchandising

Rumors are bubbling about a potential Hunger Games amusement park, which would presumably combine all the joy and wonder of a dystopian police state with the thrill of being hunted down and murdered by a pack of desperate, starving child-warriors. And to this I say...really? Could we just not? Maybe not every popular… »11/08/13 4:53pm11/08/13 4:53pm

The Hunger Games' cast put on their Sunday best for these cool portraits

We've got quite a while before The Hunger Games movie sequel Catching Fire hits theaters in November, but in anticipation, the cast have already sat down for their official Capitol portraits. I'm not exactly sure why Katniss can't sit down (or why she has a different chair from everybody else) but I'm sure its… »3/06/13 11:40am3/06/13 11:40am

Jennifer Lawrence is wearing weird makeup and time is going backwards in her new horror movie trailer

What do you think is going on in this trailer for Jennifer Lawrence's new horror movie The House at the End of the Street? (Which, everybody keeps carefully reminding us, was filmed before she did Hunger Games.) Lawrence and her mom (Elizabeth Shue) move in near a house where a double murder happened, and there's a… »3/29/12 5:20pm3/29/12 5:20pm

First look at Katniss' Fire Dress from The Hunger Games?

There are a few pivotal moments from Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games that the movie version truly needs to pull off, to win over the crowd. The Mockingjay's song and look must be perfect, or we (along with thousands of angry tweens) will burn the theater down. And Katniss Everdeen's famous parade dress, created by… »1/19/12 2:40pm1/19/12 2:40pm