Jennifer Lynch directs possibly the best Warehouse 13 episode ever

Yes, that's right. David Lynch's daughter, who helmed Boxing Helena and Hissss, directed the latest episode of Warehouse 13. And while she brought a certain visual panache to the prehistoric hyena jaw attacks and indoor tornadoes, she was also blessed with one of the show's best ever scripts. Lovely stuff all around. »6/04/13 6:44pm6/04/13 6:44pm


Probably The Best "Woman Transforms into Giant Man-Eating Snake" Scene You'll Ever See

By all accounts, Hisss was a massive trainwreck. David Lynch's daughter Jennifer Lynch went to India to film a Bollywood monster movie, and wound up disowning her own film. She also joined Terry Gilliam in the small club of directors who had major documentaries made about their filmmaking disasters. »10/25/12 9:30pm10/25/12 9:30pm