Night Shade Books' would-be owners on their controversial deal: "We're the good guys"

Night Shade Books has published some of the coolest books of the past several years, but it's also run into financial difficulties. Now Night Shade is trying to sell out to two other entities, in a deal that authors and agents have criticized. We talked to the prospective buyers, and they explained their side of… »4/05/13 4:39pm4/05/13 4:39pm

Night Shade Books Editor in Chief on the buyout: "This is the last chance to make sure all of my authors get paid"

Yesterday, we reported that Night Shade Books is being sold, and some authors aren't happy with the terms they're being offered as part of the sale. We reached out to Night Shade Editor in Chief Jeremy Lassen for comment, but didn't hear back from him in time for our deadline yesterday. Now Lassen has sent us a… »4/04/13 1:55pm4/04/13 1:55pm