Break Out The Black Goo And Celebrate! Helix Is Renewed For Season 2!

It was touch and go there for a bit — almost as if we were trapped on the sealed Level Z with a rampaging mob of scientist zombies, while being hunted by the severed head of Jeri Ryan. But now Syfy has announced that Helix is coming back for a second season in winter 2015. Yay! » 3/28/14 1:01pm 3/28/14 1:01pm

Warehouse 13 turns Jeri Ryan into the queen of her own collective

It's pretty cheeky for a show to get Star Trek: Voyager's Jeri Ryan as a guest star, and then to turn her into a version of the Borg Queen for half an hour or so... although at least Ryan herself remained unBorged. Still, it was... fascinating. » 8/03/11 6:30am 8/03/11 6:30am

The creators and stars of Mortal Kombat: Legacy explain why the hell…

The nine-part digital series Mortal Kombat: Legacy premiered earlier today, and we had a chance to talk to the creative team about this gritty new take on the long-running franchise, including a promise that more fantastical elements are coming soon. » 4/12/11 6:50pm 4/12/11 6:50pm