Jericho's Attack On Corporate Dominance, Sponsored By Sprint

Trust Jake Green to summarize in a few words the theme of this season of post-apocalyptic Kansas drama Jericho: "This isn't a country, it's a company." The old America is gone, replaced with a corporate dictatorship. This scene really made me feel as though the show knows exactly what it wants to say, and it's heading… »3/19/08 8:00pm3/19/08 8:00pm

The Most Shocking Gunfight Ever, From Last Night's Jericho

This scene from last night's episode of post-apocalyptic survival show Jericho really startled me. I had to rewind my DVR a bit, because I didn't believe what I was seeing at first. It was the first really surprising thing in this whole season of Jericho, which has been cool and subversive, but not really startling… »3/05/08 8:30pm3/05/08 8:30pm