Rufus Sewell Debuts His Crazy Eyes In New Elemental Clip

It looks like Rufus Sewell's performance in Jerry Bruckheimer's new show Elemental takes a page from his work in CSI. Including the one recluse-type main character, lots of hypothetical question asking, and great musical crescendos for commercial breaks. As in the original British show, the Patrick Stewart-starring … » 5/19/08 8:40am 5/19/08 8:40am

Ass-Kicking Bodyguard Will Be A Supermodel

Not surprisingly, Jerry Bruckheimer's Eleventh Hour, on CBS, will be the guiltiest pleasure of the fall TV season. The remake of a stodgy British show, about a scientist who goes around investigating "the worst abuses of science" with his female bodyguard, will replace Patrick Stewart with Rufus Sewell (Dark City).… » 3/11/08 3:00pm 3/11/08 3:00pm

Jerry Bruckheimer Reinvents Patrick Stewart's Fear-The-Science Drama

Jerry Bruckheimer, creator of CSI, will copy Eleventh Hour, a British TV miniseries about a government scientist who investigates abuses of science, including killer viruses and stem-cell research run amok. (With his bad-ass female bodyguard in tow.) The British version starred Patrick Stewart, who went around… » 2/25/08 6:30am 2/25/08 6:30am