Top Gun 2 will be Tom Cruise Vs. Drones

Top Gun is an American classic. The Tom Cruise feature had bromance, jets, motorcycles, passionate kisses, heartbreak and volleyball. Sadly the sequel sounds nothing like the original — it's basically Tom Cruise versus the machine. And it sounds kind of terrible. » 4/01/14 2:20pm 4/01/14 2:20pm

Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney will not be making Pirates of the Caribbean 17 together. Disney has ended their long-standing deal with the blockbuster maker. Was it The Lone Ranger? (Probably). [Via Cinemablend] » 9/20/13 9:20am 9/20/13 9:20am

Johnny Depp explains why he just can't quit Captain Jack Sparrow

Pop culture's most famous pirate makes his return later this month, in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The cast and crew told us what's in store for Captain Jack — and whether he might do a fifth movie. » 5/06/11 2:41pm 5/06/11 2:41pm

Holy magical Nic Cage wig — The Sorcerer's Apprentice looks kinda bad…

Check out the latest behind-the-scenes video from Disney's Sorcerer's Apprentice. Sure it's not high-concept, but its smacks of quality summer popcorn fare. And we're due for one good wide-screen action film that isn't plagued with wrecking balls and racist robots. » 6/02/10 7:00am 6/02/10 7:00am

Disney throws loads of cash at Bruckheimer's space race picture,…

Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney just paid a pretty penny for the new space race screenplay from Bruckheimer's usual writers. Which means we're due for a epic space film that may not be groundbreaking, but by god it will be entertaining. » 5/25/10 1:13pm 5/25/10 1:13pm

When Will We See Jerry Bruckheimer's Last Starfighter-esque Epic…

A long time ago, we heard whispers about a Jerry Bruckheimer video-games-and-aliens film titled, Alien Wars. But little had been revealed, until screenwriter Eric Heisserer, who penned a draft, shed some light on the mysterious Last Starfighter-esque movie. » 4/29/10 4:41pm 4/29/10 4:41pm

An Alien Band Of Brothers Hits The Big Screen At Last

Comics' greatest rag-tag crew of alien soldiers is finally getting the attention it deserves, with an epic movie produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney. But can Disney re-create Alien Legion's gritty space war without turning it PG? » 11/16/09 12:20pm 11/16/09 12:20pm

Man Versus Machine In Space - And Now, Movie Theaters

World War Robot, Ashley Wood's comic about the space war between man and machine, has been optioned for a movie. That's the good news. The great news? Jerry Bruckheimer is producing. There is no way this movie can fail. » 8/01/09 8:00am 8/01/09 8:00am

G-Force: The Cruel Animal Experiment That Went Too Far

If you've seen a trailer for the new spy-fi, super intelligent, talking Guinea Pig movie, G-Force, you've pretty much seen the entire film in the space of two minutes. Imagine that pain spread out over 90 minutes. Spoilers below. » 7/24/09 1:20pm 7/24/09 1:20pm

Nom Nom Nom, Over And Out

ZOMG guinea peeeg spiez! Super guinea pig agents are out to stop a billionaire baddie in Jerry Bruckheimer's new G-Force movie. Hooray for secret agent critters with gadgets! » 12/23/08 4:00pm 12/23/08 4:00pm

Inside Jerry Bruckheimer's Brain at the Eleventh Hour

Jerry Bruckheimer's remake of the British flop Eleventh Hour » 9/29/08 2:40pm 9/29/08 2:40pm has already had its share of confusion ahead of its October 9th premiere. The network had decided (a remake of the British pilot) for another episode titled "Agro." Now they say they're going back to using the original $4 million dollar pilot as the…

Jerry Bruckheimer's Evil-Science Show Plays It Safe

So we mentioned in morning spoilers the other day that Jerry Bruckheimer's oh-no-science show Eleventh Hour » 8/22/08 11:30am 8/22/08 11:30am was doing a . That is, the mad-science show's original pilot is getting pushed back to become its second or third episode, because its hard-hitting storyline about abuses of science was too dark and…

Rufus Sewell Debuts His Crazy Eyes In New Elemental Clip

It looks like Rufus Sewell's performance in Jerry Bruckheimer's new show Elemental takes a page from his work in CSI. Including the one recluse-type main character, lots of hypothetical question asking, and great musical crescendos for commercial breaks. As in the original British show, the Patrick Stewart-starring … » 5/19/08 8:40am 5/19/08 8:40am

Ass-Kicking Bodyguard Will Be A Supermodel

Not surprisingly, Jerry Bruckheimer's Eleventh Hour, on CBS, will be the guiltiest pleasure of the fall TV season. The remake of a stodgy British show, about a scientist who goes around investigating "the worst abuses of science" with his female bodyguard, will replace Patrick Stewart with Rufus Sewell (Dark City).… » 3/11/08 3:00pm 3/11/08 3:00pm

Jerry Bruckheimer Reinvents Patrick Stewart's Fear-The-Science Drama

Jerry Bruckheimer, creator of CSI, will copy Eleventh Hour, a British TV miniseries about a government scientist who investigates abuses of science, including killer viruses and stem-cell research run amok. (With his bad-ass female bodyguard in tow.) The British version starred Patrick Stewart, who went around… » 2/25/08 6:30am 2/25/08 6:30am

Apocalyptic Weather Hits LA, Movie Producers Take Credit

The producers of The Mist claimed credit for a "dense foggy mist" that swamped Los Angeles on Monday evening. The fog shut down one of two arrival runways at LAX, forcing the cancellation of a dozen flights. Police blamed one traffic fatality on the freak weather. So it may not have been the best plan for the… » 11/21/07 5:30am 11/21/07 5:30am