Ellen Page Nails Han Solo's Most Important Line At Star Wars Live Read

Last night, a cast of Hollywood actors performed a live reading of The Empire Strikes Back, with Ellen Page reading the role of Han Solo opposite Jessica Alba's Princess Leia. And when it got to the moment when Leia confesses her love to Han, the audience got to hear Han deliver his famous response. Update: Sadly,… » 12/19/14 9:20am 12/19/14 9:20am

Spy Kids 4 is the 21st century equivalent of The Children's Crusade

Despite my elementary school diploma, I loved Spy Kids: All the Time in the World. Why? It's a chilling examination of an alternate reality in which children have become fellow travelers in global espionage, a parallel universe where Langley is run like Willy Wonka's candy-colored calorie mill. Like Ender's Game mixed… » 8/20/11 12:25pm 8/20/11 12:25pm

Jessica Alba Gets Served... Telekinetically

The mean junior-high jock girls challenge Alex Mack and her friend Ray to a pickup game of basketball, and the loser has to clean the school cafeteria after a wicked food fight. Too bad those mean jocks don't know that Alex has been bathed in mysterious chemicals, which gave her telekinesis, weird zappy blasts, and… » 11/19/08 6:57pm 11/19/08 6:57pm

Meet Your Potential New Barbarella And Weep

If Perez Hilton is to be believed - always an interesting way to start a sentence - then the personal and professional partnership of Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan has come to an end. That leaves both their Red Sonja and Barbarella projects somewhere in limbo. For scifi fans, the only question is which leading… » 7/02/08 11:51am 7/02/08 11:51am