The Huntsman Adds Jessica Chastain To Its Trio of Awesome Women

Look, I know, I know, that The Huntsman has all the hallmarks of a train wreck. The story of its production is Gordian in its knotness. Rather than slice the thing in half, the movie's gone with a strategy of "hiring all the best women they can." The latest person joining the cast? Jessica Chastain. » 2/24/15 10:00pm 2/24/15 10:00pm

Jessica Chastain transforms into Brave's Princess Merida

HOLY cow Jessica Chastain looks astoundingly similar to Disney Princess Merida. Disney fairy tale photographer Annie Leibovitz created a pretty compelling recreation of Merida, thanks to Jessica Chastain and a gigantic ginger wig. The similarity is striking — she even has the same smirk! » 1/10/14 7:40am 1/10/14 7:40am