First American Horror Story trailer that actually shows off the plot

Still wondering what that guy from Maroon 5 is doing in the new season of American Horror Story? Well wait no more — we finally have the first official trailer for the FX horror series, showing the cast (Joseph Fiennes, Zachary Quinto, Sarah Paulson, and Jessica Lange) actually acting! No more nuns walking around,… »10/05/12 5:40pm10/05/12 5:40pm

Zachary Quinto and more familiar faces return to American Horror Story

The big mystery surrounding the second season of the wacky supernatural murder drama American Horror Story is which of the living and dead characters will be back. Creator Ryan Murphy has announced that Zachary Qunito will return for the second season — but not as the ghostly homeowner Chad Warwick. Spoilers! »3/03/12 5:30pm3/03/12 5:30pm