Test Footage From The Early 80s Stars A Very Different Roger Rabbit

Here's a newly released video of footage and concept art from an early go at Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Created between 1981 and 1983, these characterizations of the Rabbits look quite a bit different from the ones audiences saw in 1988 – not to mention a Roger voiced by Paul Reubens (aka Pee-wee Herman). » 9/07/14 11:50am 9/07/14 11:50am

Watch an early Roger Rabbit test animation, voiced by Pee-wee Herman

One of the tricky aspects of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? was that the animators had to develop in Roger and Jessica Rabbit a pair of characters who could stand up to the well-known Disney and Warner Bros. characters dropping anvils in the background. This early pencil test shows a proto-form of the Rabbits, with Roger… » 6/16/12 3:00pm 6/16/12 3:00pm

Roger Rabbit And Friends Get An Upgrade To Motion Capture?

Two new tidbits from Toon Town have leaked out this week. First, the Roger Rabbit sequel has retained the original screenwriters for its new script. And second, major hints are being dropped that the animated characters may go Mo-Cap. » 11/03/09 11:27am 11/03/09 11:27am

No Eddie Valiant In Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2? A Pox On This Sequel

The best part of Roger Rabbit wasn't Jessica's curves, it was the back and forth jaded quips, pitting Eddie Valiant against Roger's toony tude. So we're terrified to hear they're even contemplating a second Framing without Bob Hoskins. » 8/18/09 11:40am 8/18/09 11:40am