Human test flights begin on extraordinary jetpack, on sale in 2015

Remember how we all thrilled to see this test flight of the Martin jetpack a few years ago? It remained aloft, with a dummy in the driver's seat, for over 7 minutes. Now humans are going to start testing this jetpack, which the manufacturer says could be on the market as early as 2015. » 8/14/13 10:11am 8/14/13 10:11am

Beautiful footage shows "Rocket Man" Yves Rossy pulling loop-the-loops…

As if you weren't jealous enough of Yves Rossy, new footage has just been released of the Swiss Pilot, inventor and "aviation enthusiast" (who also goes by the not-so-subtle sobriquet of "JETMAN") soaring free as a rocket-powered bird high above the Swiss Alps. » 4/19/12 3:20pm 4/19/12 3:20pm

Here's the jetpack you could use to fight the space bugs tomorrow

There's something charmingly low-tech about this jetpack test, from the makers of the Martin Jetpack, which features a remote-controlled jetpack zooming around for several minutes while carrying a dummy. » 4/05/11 1:30pm 4/05/11 1:30pm

The Memory of Feeling is Not Feeling: "Memory Sticks" Explores Human…

At what point does the use of technology dimish your humanity? Wood Ingham gets deep into the human-computer interface in his new novella Memory Sticks. » 7/30/09 1:13pm 7/30/09 1:13pm

I Dream of Jetpacks: Mac Montandon Bears All

Click to view » 11/01/08 4:00pm 11/01/08 4:00pm Love Boba Fett? 'Course you do. So does Mac Montandon, who recently published a detailed report of his quest to find the jetpack of his dreams. Montandon, a freelance writer from Brooklyn, decided after living thirty-five jetpackless years that enough was enough and pulled out all the stops to travel…

Real-Life Rocket Man Takes Flight Over English Channel

The best part of any superhuman story is when our fledgling hero, having recently discovered his or her powers, totally has fun » 9/26/08 2:00pm 9/26/08 2:00pm with them. Think of Iron Man tinkering with his ever-evolving Mark suit, or Spider-Man figuring out how to web-sling. , in the crystalline blue heavens, Swiss airline pilot Yves Rossy felt a…

For Just $285,000, You Can Have Your Jetpack

Known as Fusion Man, he's the Swiss Eval Knieval of the air, and yesterday he plunged to earth 7500 feet from an airplane at over 180 miles an hour, buoyed only by four jets strapped to his back. But in reality, he's just a pilot named Yves Rossi who built the jet wings himself — to the tune of about $258,000 dollars » 5/15/08 11:43am 5/15/08 11:43am

Rocketeer Might Be Re-Rocketing Into Theaters

Billy Campbell wants to bring the Rocketeer back to the audiences who didn't turn out in droves to see the original in the 1991 adaptation of Dave Steven's graphic novel. If you have time to check this out on DVD or the Disney Channel (where it seems to turn up every other day), then you'll see that besides the… » 1/09/08 2:15pm 1/09/08 2:15pm

Minority Report Jetpack Designer Gets Sexy With It

Now this is one police officer we wouldn't mind pulling over for, and that's not even counting her dangerous curves. Check out the sweet streamlining and attention to detail on that jetpack. Plus she has what looks like Iron Man-esque propulsion units in her fingerless gloves, and a red and blue tipped light-helmet… » 1/07/08 3:30pm 1/07/08 3:30pm