Jetpacks! Voldemort! James Bond! The Most Delightful and Ridiculous Images from the Olympic Ceremony

Was this the most science fiction and fantasy-filled Olympic opening ceremony yet? With director Danny Boyle at the helm, there were bound to be a few fantastical elements in his kickoff to the 2012 Olympic Games. Here are some of the strangest, most wondrous, and most fantasy-fuelled images to grace London's Olympic… » 7/28/12 8:00am 7/28/12 8:00am

I Dream of Jetpacks: Mac Montandon Bears All

Click to view » 11/01/08 4:00pm 11/01/08 4:00pm Love Boba Fett? 'Course you do. So does Mac Montandon, who recently published a detailed report of his quest to find the jetpack of his dreams. Montandon, a freelance writer from Brooklyn, decided after living thirty-five jetpackless years that enough was enough and pulled out all the stops to travel…

The Greatest Spy Jetpack Scene In Movie History

Click to viewThe little-person James Bond movie, For Y'ur Height Only, has plenty of flaws — actually, the movie is pretty much 90 minutes of non-stop flaw — but it does have this awesome jetpack scene. Weng, otherwise known as Agent 00, uses the jetpack to zoom over to the hidden island of Mr. Giant, which involves… » 8/04/08 6:40pm 8/04/08 6:40pm

Five Reasons You Don't Have a Personal Jet Pack Yet

Flying around with your own personal jet engine, strapped to your back, has been one of the hallmarks of futurism for decades. Which sucks, because futuristic stuff is supposed to eventually happen. So why the hell aren't we all flying to work via rocket power? Because you're about as aerodynamic as a potato, my… » 7/28/08 10:30am 7/28/08 10:30am