This is all the beautiful space litter left on Mars by NASA's Curiosity rover

Four months ago, NASA landed a one-ton, nuclear-powered rover on the Red Planet, scattering the Martian terrain with heaps of debris in the process. Curiosity, upon arrival, shed so much of its Entry Descent & Landing hardware that high resolution images of the planet's surface are still turning up traces of the… »12/06/12 12:00pm12/06/12 12:00pm

Scientists claim to have discovered something "earthshaking" on Mars

The Mars Science Laboratory team has hinted that they might have some big news to share soon. But like good scientists, they are waiting until they verify their results before saying anything definitive. In an interview on NPR today, MSL Principal Investigator John Grotzinger said a recent soil sample test in the SAM… »11/20/12 3:35pm11/20/12 3:35pm

1960's NASA employment ads appealed to the science-fiction-loving kid in all of us

As far as job adverts go, it doesn't get much better than this. Originally featured in a 1967 issue of Scientific American, the full-page ad by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory resonates perfectly with something Neil deGrasse Tyson mentioned in an interview with io9 back in July: "Good science fiction inspires people… »9/05/12 4:30pm9/05/12 4:30pm

Behold a Lego Curiosity rover built by a designer of the real Curiosity

Amidst the Lego aficionados and fanatics are plenty of engineers who like to recreate the possible and dream of the impossible through little plastic bricks. Lego imitates life in some projects more than others, such as with this Lego model of the Mars Curiosity rover, built by Stephen Pakbaz, an engineer at NASA's… »8/11/12 12:00pm8/11/12 12:00pm

Everything you need to know to catch the Curiosity rover landing

On August 5th, at 10:31 pm PDT, NASA will attempt to land Curiosity — a one-ton, six-wheel-drive, nuclear-powered super-laboratory — on the surface of Mars. It is the most scientifically advanced rover ever built. It will be the most technically impressive landing procedure ever attempted. You do not want to miss this. »8/01/12 4:06pm8/01/12 4:06pm

NASA has released the first complete map of Antarctic ice flows

NASA has released a map charting the movement of massive ice sheets on the continent of Antarctica. By compiling these maps into animations like the one shown above, researchers can, for the very first time, examine how the outward flow of the continent's ice sheets could help us predict future rises in sea level. »8/19/11 7:30pm8/19/11 7:30pm