The bizarre jellyfish made of electricity that hover over thunderstorms

Lightning storms are pretty impressive on the ground, but up in the air, they can be even more astonishing. In 1989, people noticed that sudden blue lines erupted from the top of thunderstorms. They would also see what looked like bright red jellyfish hanging over the clouds. These two optical phenomena were called… » 9/14/12 8:30am 9/14/12 8:30am

Iron Man Tests His New, Badass Jet Boots

Here's the awesome new Iron Man commercial, shown last night during the Superbowl. You can see mecha-hero Tony Stark taking his new jet boots for a spin, and they look pretty damn spiffy. Plus you get to see him take out a tank nonchalantly with a forearm missile, and deliver a quip from his ginormous garage. It looks… » 2/04/08 8:40am 2/04/08 8:40am