Why is it so hard to create a good science fiction movie romance?

Some of the coolest science fiction movies of all time are love storiesEternal Sunshine, Brazil, and plenty of others. Combining big ideas with an epic passion just makes sense. But why do so many films fail to pull off this combination? Watching the new movie Upside Down, which fails so spectacularly as a love… » 3/15/13 9:00am 3/15/13 9:00am

Upside Down shows how gravity-challenged lovers kiss

We're still pretty excited for Juan Diego Solanas' strange romance movie Upside Down. The premise is totally ridiculous — Jim Sturgess and Kristen Dunst are in love, but live on opposite planets connected by the sky with opposing gravity forces — but the actual look to this M.C. Escher flick is simply stunning. » 3/01/13 1:20pm 3/01/13 1:20pm

Futuristic Romeo and Juliet fight gravity in the new Upside Down trailer

Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst are gravity-crossed lovers in director Juan Diego Solanas' romance movie Upside Down. Set on two planets that share the same atmosphere, this whole thing feels like the melodramatic baby of Dr. Seuss and M.C. M.C. Escher. But it does have one thing going for it: intense beauty. This… » 1/25/13 8:23am 1/25/13 8:23am

M.C. Escher does Romeo and Juliet in the zany first trailer for Upside…

Watch a pair of parallel universe lovers (Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess) who divided by gravity, and born into opposite-facing worlds. Apparently the top worlders and the bottom worlders live much different lives, stated by the ominous voice over, "we don't go down to their world, we certainly don't want them… » 1/02/12 2:30pm 1/02/12 2:30pm

First images from Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst's science fiction…

We've been eagerly following the science fiction love story Upside Down (starring Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst). The film follows two star-crossed lovers trapped in alternate universes. New images and details are slowly starting to reveal the different dimensions! » 12/27/10 10:16am 12/27/10 10:16am

Eliza Dushku's magical lady bits commune with the dead (or something)

We're not really sure what Eliza Dushku's new film Locked In is about. But judging from the trailer, if you have sex with her you can talk to the dead! Plus awesome new shorts and behind-the-scenes on Monsters. » 6/06/10 6:13pm 6/06/10 6:13pm

Is Upside Down's inverted romance the next great scifi love story?

We're getting lovesick looking for more details on Juan Solanas' scifi romance Upside Down. Not only will it star the heart-flutter-inducing Jim Sturgess, but Solanas put the brilliant Watchmen designer Alex McDowell in charge of his trippy inverted worlds. » 5/30/10 1:00pm 5/30/10 1:00pm

Heartless Trailer Asks You To Make A Deal With The Devil

Jim Sturgess, the poppy singer from Across The Universe, is ready to sell his soul to the Devil to rid himself of his scars. But nobody told him that means signing up for Lucifer's demon army of British street thugs. » 2/04/10 10:30am 2/04/10 10:30am

When The Foot Soldiers Of Hell Flood London, Jim Sturgess Will Save Us

It's been 14 years since Philip Ridley's acclaimed The Passion of Darkly Noon. Now he's back and directing Jim Sturgess, from Across The Universe, through demon street fights in London in Heartless. Behold new footage, featuring Doctor Who's Mickey Smith. » 1/19/10 8:00am 1/19/10 8:00am