Lost Lightsabers, the Horta, and FASERIP: An Abbreviated SF CV

When I look back on my earliest days of science-fiction fandom, it is with both gratitude and fondness. How many happy afternoons I spent, curled up in the nook under the stairs at my grandmother's house, lost in Samuel Delany's ruined city of Bellona, or one of Jose Luis Borges's thought experiments (in the original… » 12/07/08 1:00pm 12/07/08 1:00pm

Armageddon Into the Holiday Spirit: Why I'm Thankful for the Apocalypse

Ah, irony. It is as delicious as turkey. And Thanksgiving - the day we offer thanks for all the things we have - is perhaps the most ironic of American holidays, in that it is immediately succeeded by Black Friday, the day we trample people to death in pursuit of all the things we want (which is more or less how it… » 11/30/08 10:00am 11/30/08 10:00am

Superman Cannot Save the Planet This Time

Superman’s weaknesses are well documented: Kryptonite. Magic. The evil genius of Lex Luthor and Brainiac. The imperilment of those closest to him. Bryan Singer. The risotto at Le Cirque (The calories! Soooo » 11/23/08 11:00am 11/23/08 11:00am worth it, though). And all of these, except for the risotto, have been explored at great length—which, you might…

Five Major Flaws in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (And How to Fix Them)

Few sacred cows of classic science fiction remain, largely because science-fiction fans love sacred hamburgers, but also because we are surly lot, possessed of a discerning critical eye and the highest of standards.

One such metaphorical bovine, however, has gone unsavaged by the community for nearly 30 years. That… » 11/16/08 1:00pm 11/16/08 1:00pm