The Many Superhero Faces of Barack Obama

Say what you will about Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, but there’s no disputing the fact that he's proven a potent muse to pop-culture-savvy artists. And if the Illinois senator doesn’t end up leaving a lasting impression in the executive office, he may very well eke out one in the comics world—judging … » 10/23/08 4:30pm 10/23/08 4:30pm

Are Comics Part Of The Left-Wing Media Conspiracy?

You may be wondering exactly what Sarah Palin's personal policies are, ahead of tonight's Vice Presidential Debate, and we're happy to help you with that: Apparently, she's anti-witch... or, at least, that's the message that we get from this cover from the October issue of the revived Tales From The Crypt » 10/02/08 9:00am 10/02/08 9:00am. And, as…