How long before Marvel makes its own Daredevil movie?

We've known since last fall that Marvel was going to be getting the movie rights to Daredevil back — last October, there were widespread reports that Marvel was willing to extend Fox's option for a Daredevil film, in exchange for getting to use Galactus in a Marvel movie. But Fox chose the Destroyer of Worlds over the… »4/23/13 8:28pm4/23/13 8:28pm


Sizzle reel shows hints of the gritty Daredevil movie Fox won't be making

A few days ago a deflated director Joe Carnahan (The Grey) took to Twitter to announce that his pitch for a Serpico-styled Daredevil movie had gone up in smoke. And now he's released his exciting sizzle reel, cobbled together from Daredevil comics panels and past violent movies. Here's the bloody "NC-17" version —… »8/15/12 4:52pm8/15/12 4:52pm