The Painstaking Work That Went Into Empire Strikes Back's AT-AT Scenes

The legendary Joe Johnston just revealed this classic behind-the-scenes video of the making of one — one of the shots from Empire Strikes Back featuring the AT-ATs as they lumber across Hoth. It's amazing how slow and low-tech this process was, but also how fantastically the special effects still hold up. »6/24/14 2:36pm6/24/14 2:36pm


Never-Before-Seen Star Wars Storyboards Show The Original Trilogy Anew

We've already seen a ton of astonishing artwork from the making of classic Star Wars — but the new book of storyboards from the original trilogy is still a revelation. So many cool images, so many glimpses of how key sequences could have looked different. We've got some exclusive images to share with you. »5/09/14 4:06pm5/09/14 4:06pm

Star Wars EU in the Cinematic Universe: A Case for Twin Engines of Destruction.

One of the loudest and most raucous debates that goes on in Star Wars fandom is the merits of the Expanded Universe and whether it should be continued over into cinematic canon via Episode VII or not. Some fans want favorites like Mara Jade, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Jaina Solo to appear in the new movies, while… »2/12/14 12:27pm2/12/14 12:27pm

The One Campaign Video You Must Watch Today: Brad Bird for Star Wars Director

Yeah, sure, today we're choosing which of those two guys gets the "Leader of the Free World" job and stuff. But let's not lose sight of the most important thing: who's going to direct Star Wars: Episode VII? We all know that Brad Bird is the best guy for the job*, and now The Unlearning Channel has a great campaign… »11/06/12 4:21pm11/06/12 4:21pm

Unseen Empire Strikes Back Storyboards Detailing the Battle of Hoth!

The Battle of Hoth - the grandest battle of the original Star Wars trilogy. The battle features all the tension of Yavin, machines more fearsome than those in the Battle of Endor, and a vulnerability not seen in the rest of the series. »12/02/11 12:00pm12/02/11 12:00pm

Tie bombers and tie fighters circle an Imperial star destroyer, ready to…

Rocketeer's Joe Johnston To Lead Captain America To Patriotic Victory

Joe Johnston (the man behind the flying dinos of Jurassic Park III »11/10/08 2:06pm11/10/08 2:06pm and ) is set to direct the big budget movie. Looking back at all of Johnston's history of action movies with a message, it looks like he's a perfect fit for the origin story of the super-soldier who fought the Nazis in World War II and eventually…