Goodbye Joe Kubert, Comic Book Titan

Yesterday pioneering cartoonist Joe Kubert passed away at the age of 85. Kubert was famous for creating and defining such characters as the hard-as-nails Sergeant Rock, the supernatural crime-fighter Ragman, the DC Comics stalwart Hawkman, and the caveman Tor, whose prehistoric adventures were catalogued in Kubert's… » 8/13/12 9:10am 8/13/12 9:10am

First Watchmen 2 artwork leaks (UPDATED)

You heard that Watchmen prequels were in the pipeline; now take a look at some of the reputed artwork. Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston has gotten his hands on Joe and Andy Kubert's designs for Nite Owl and JG Jones' Comedian from the Watchmen prequel miniseries, which are being developed under the moniker "Panic Room." » 12/25/11 6:35am 12/25/11 6:35am