A heartbreaking story set in post-apocalyptic, underwater Brooklyn

We've been eagerly awaiting Joe Russ' post-apocalyptic short film Fathoms, about two people and a cat struggling to survive in the flooded ruins of New York. Now the film has arrived, and it's not just about coping with various hazards, but also about finding the will to survive in the face of overwhelming grief. »3/05/14 7:02pm3/05/14 7:02pm


The story of a cat and two humans, trying to survive in post-apocalyptic, underwater Brooklyn

Fathoms is a 20 minute film that captures the sad whimsy of life on a salvage ship, roaming the drowned subways of Brooklyn. Environmental meltdown has left most of Earth underwater. We follow the story of a cat named Hippo and his two humans, Sam and Evan, are surviving in the remains of New York, living in a… »7/06/11 11:00am7/06/11 11:00am