This is the insane way Terry Gilliam's Watchmen movie would have ended

There was a while where it seemed like Brazil director Terry Gilliam would be the one to bring Alan Moore's seminal graphic novel Watchmen to the big screen. It obviously didn't work out, but producer Joel Silver has revealed how Gillaim's adaptation would have ended, and it's bonkers. » 2/28/14 6:37am 2/28/14 6:37am

This R-Rated Weird Science remake sounds kind of gross

If there's one movie that probably doesn't need an "edgy" R-rated remake, its a movie about how two horny teens make their perfect woman out of a Barbie doll. But, that won't stop Hollywood from defiling the already fairly creepy '80s film Weird Science. » 4/19/13 7:20am 4/19/13 7:20am

Can you really make a Moon landing movie in just three months?

The race to cash in on the found footage movie craze has just hit a new peak of hysteria, as the Weinsteins are determined to film their Moon astronaut movie, Apollo 18, in time to release it in March. » 11/18/10 7:00am 11/18/10 7:00am

Will Warner Brothers' futuristic terrorism film World War X, film…

Warner Bros. just bought a brand new screenplay titled World War X, which is all about time-traveling terrorists from the future. But does this mean World War Z has some potential brand confusion — or is it just never happening? » 7/16/10 3:30pm 7/16/10 3:30pm

Joel Silver doesn't want The Matrix ruined by 3D conversion

While it would be bad ass to see the green codes of the Matrix whipping at your skull, 3D conversion is an ugly thing to subject a great film to. Thankfully, Joel Silver, is extremely against it. [MTV] » 6/15/10 12:23pm 6/15/10 12:23pm

He-Man Movie Back On At New Studio

Less than a month after Mattel put the end to plans to make a live-action He-Man and The Masters of The Universe movie at Warner Bros., the project is alive again at Sony. That's the power of Grayskull for you. » 9/25/09 7:40am 9/25/09 7:40am

Will Wonder Woman Finally Get Her Own Movie Now?

With Warner Bros. taking a greater interest in movies based on DC Comics' characters through the newly-created DC Entertainment division, confusion surrounds the status of the long-awaited Wonder Woman movie. What's going on with our favorite Amazon? » 9/11/09 7:40am 9/11/09 7:40am

Science's Greatest Plant Mistake Returns In 3D

With comic book adaptations and 3D movies all the rage right now, it's not surprising that someone wants to combine the two. More surprising? That it's producer Joel Silver, and that he wants to do it to Swamp Thing. » 9/01/09 6:30am 9/01/09 6:30am

Joel Silver Crushes Our Dreams Of A Steampunk Sherlock Holmes

After we saw the shiny new footage of fisticuffs and down-and-dirty ratiocination from Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock Holmes film, we thought we glimpsed some steampunk elements. So we asked Downey and producer Joel Silver about this... and they said no. » 7/24/09 4:20pm 7/24/09 4:20pm

Megan Fox Isn't Wonder Woman

Ignore the rumors going around this here internet: Transformers » 11/05/08 6:40am 11/05/08 6:40am star Megan Fox is going to be cinema's next Amazon Princess. The image above isn't from some teaser campaign for a previously incredibly well-hidden movie, but just the latest in a long line of anonymous fan efforts hoping to convince other fans — and…

If We Can Have Wonder Woman Day, Where's Our Wonder Woman Movie?

If the news of her new collaboration with fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg » 10/12/08 10:00am 10/12/08 10:00am is anything to go by, Wonder Woman is making quite the cultural comeback - and just in time for in Portland, OR and Flemington, NJ, as well. But what we're wondering is this: If she's big enough to get her own , why can't Warners get it…

What If Every Single Joel Silver Movie Took Place In The Same Universe?

Some movie producers are as identifiable as directors — just think of Jerry Bruckheimer and his splodey-boom school of film-making — and their oeuvre forms a coherent statement. One producer who doesn't get the props he deserves is Joel Silver, who's produced everything from the cheese-plattery Xanadu to the paranoiac » 4/22/08 4:34pm 4/22/08 4:34pm

Wonder Woman Movie Resurrected in the Wake of JLA Movie Death?

Set your "I'm ambivalent about that upcoming comic book movie" settings from Justice League of America to Wonder Woman. Producer Joel Silver told journalists that the JLA movie is officially dead, but that he's now interested in reviving the troubled Wonder Woman movie, whose original script was was written by Firefly » 4/21/08 1:03pm 4/21/08 1:03pm