18 of Your Favorite Pop Culture Icons Turned Into Kids Book Covers

No matter what your age, you probably know what someone means when they say “Little Golden Books.” They’re skinny kids books with a gold spine that pretty much everyone owned. Well, artist Joey Spiotto has taken the look of those old books and updated them with takes on classic and current pop culture alike, from Tron »11/06/15 12:15pm11/06/15 12:15pm


A zombie horde of awesome art from the Walking Dead art show

To celebrate The Walking Dead's season 4 premiere, AMC sponsored an art show at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles. Over 75 artists participated, and the results are as mind-blowing as any zombie headshot. Here are our favorites, but you can see them all until the show closes on October 26th (meanwhile, you can… »10/15/13 4:00pm10/15/13 4:00pm