Don't Remake These Movies, Film These Books Instead!

Hollywood's addiction to remakes and reboots continues unabated, with dozens of films in development. And meanwhile, bookshelves are straining with hundreds of original, thrilling novels that have never been adapted to the screen. Here's a second dose of our list of books that should be adapted instead of yet another… » 9/27/13 3:16pm 9/27/13 3:16pm

Nazi Moonbase Launches Stealth Attack

The long-awaited teaser trailer for Iron Sky, the science fiction comedy from the Finnish makers of Star Trek parody Star Wreck, is finally out. And unlike Wreck, which always seemed a bit pointless, Sky looks like it could be really twisted and awesome. For one thing, the script is by Johanna Sinisalo, author of the… » 5/07/08 11:00am 5/07/08 11:00am