The Rise of Whalepunk: An Exclusive Excerpt from Corwin Erickson's Swell

We told you a while back about the "Neil Gaiman meets Thomas Pynchon" novel Swell by Corwin Ericson — and now it's finally been published. Are you ready for Whalepunk? » 10/26/11 8:40am 10/26/11 8:40am

Gaiman meets Barth in a novel about a cellphone network made out of…

When we saw Corwin Ericson's Swell, just accepted for publication, described as "Neil Gaiman's American Gods meets John Barth's Giles Goatboy," we had to find out more. And what we discovered involved terrible technological crimes against whales. » 10/19/10 11:59am 10/19/10 11:59am

MultiReal Is Your Dot-Com Nightmare Writ Large

David Louis Edelman's future-business saga MultiReal was one of the books that blew us away the most in 2008. So we had to ask Edelman why his vision of capitalism is so scary. » 2/26/09 1:00pm 2/26/09 1:00pm