Europe's SF Secret Returns To American Shores

One of the more unexpected - and most welcome - comic stories to come from last weekend's Comic-Con was the announcement that Devil's Due Publishing has partnered with European publisher Humanoids to bring some of their best stories to American audiences, starting with Nazi-science-gone-wrong tale I Am Legion » 7/31/08 8:40am 7/31/08 8:40am and dark…

Visionary Comic Creators Share Secret Origins

As expected, if you bring seven of comics' most talented and most outspoken creators together on a panel and just ask them about... well, anything and everything about comic books, you'll end up with an amusing and educational way to spend an hour... But also one that's impossible to summarize. That's why, under the… » 7/24/08 5:00pm 7/24/08 5:00pm

Start Bracing Yourself Now For Joss Whedon's Final X-Men Twist

Here's a cool-looking spaceship from Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men 1 the final Joss Whedon-John Cassaday X-Men comic which comes out May 21. New images from the issue have turned up at Comic Book Resources, and they hint at some potential bad news from one of the franchise's coolest characters. Click through for more… » 4/29/08 4:31pm 4/29/08 4:31pm