Simon Pegg's Star Trek Reboot Theory: Is this the "Mirror " Crew?

Star Trek Into Darkness uses physical sets instead of greenscreen, as much as possible — they even filmed at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, for a key sequence aboard the Enterprise. And when we talked to Simon Pegg and John Cho yesterday, they told us some of their Enterprise scenes were so demanding, Pegg actually… » 5/09/13 3:40pm 5/09/13 3:40pm

Is Uhura ditching her short skirt in the new Star Trek movie?

Take a look at the above photos of John Cho and Zoe Saldana on the set of the new Star Trek sequel, via TrekMovie. Check out what they're wearing under the regulation black Bad Robot parkas (which all castmembers wear on set, to cover up their costumes.) » 3/20/12 4:20pm 3/20/12 4:20pm

Does FlashForward's Premise Make Sense? We Asked The Producer And Stars

FlashForward returns March 18, and we just got a glimpse of our own television future. We talked to stars Joseph Fiennes and John Cho, and new showrunner Jessika Borsiczky, and asked some tough questions about time-visualizing and bromance. Spoilers ahead. » 3/11/10 2:23pm 3/11/10 2:23pm

Dominic Monaghan Sums Up FlashForward: "Head F—k!"

What exactly is ABC's new show FlashForward about? Worldwide clairvoyance? Disasters? FBI agents? Kangaroos? Co-star Dominic Monaghan best described the show with two simple words. » 7/28/09 4:30pm 7/28/09 4:30pm

FlashForward - Twistier Plots Than A JJ Abrams Series?

We saw a time-travelly chunk of new ABC show FlashForward, where worldwide clairvoyance causes a global disaster. And Lost's Dominic Monaghan made a surprise appearance. Spoilers ahead. » 7/25/09 12:00pm 7/25/09 12:00pm

Sulu and Chekov Talk Takei's Baritone, And How To Say "Wessel"

What's it take to pilot the shiny new Enterprise? We asked crew members John Cho and Anton Yelchin about changing their accents, mannerisms and overall tone, to portray Hikaru Sulu and Pavel Chekov. » 5/06/09 4:00pm 5/06/09 4:00pm

Sulu And Shakespeare Try To Find Their Missing Two Minutes

ABC's Flash Forward certainly seems to be living up to its title in terms of casting announcements; just days after casting Pirates of the Caribbean's Jack Davenport, news breaks that they're adding Star Trek's new Sulu and Shakespeare In Love's leading man, as well. » 12/06/08 7:00am 12/06/08 7:00am

Star Trek Aliens To Be Much Easier This Time Around

We ran into John Cho at the Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay » 7/28/08 3:11pm 7/28/08 3:11pm unicorn booth at Comic-Con. After chatting about how much fun his new flick looks, we eked a few details out of the new Hikaru Sulu. Cho confirmed that he wrote a letter to the original George Takei and that they met up to talk about Sulu, but…