Can Sarah Connor Save Herself, Never Mind The Future?

Last week, the ratings were being called "armageddon-like" and worthy of cancellation, and they've only gotten worse since then - this week's episode saw only 5.53 million viewers tuning in, down half a million viewers from a week before, and almost a million from the second season premiere. Is Skynet controlling the… »10/01/08 11:30am10/01/08 11:30am

New Terminator 4 Trailer Shows Death, Destruction And A Sad John Connor

Terminator Salvation blasted into Comic Con with a life size T-600, and director McG. The panelists talked about how the futuristic world will be bleak, burned up and completely free of race and sex stereotypes (the revolution is multiracial and powered by ladies). But more importantly, they debuted a new trailer for … »7/26/08 8:30pm7/26/08 8:30pm

Everything John Connor Knows About The Future Is Wrong, In Terminator 4

Terminator 4 could be a lot more unpredictable than we'd expected, judging from a Warner Bros. press release that reveals a bunch of new plot twists and turns. Meanwhile, the movie has cast John Connor's wife Kate: it's Charlotte Gainsbourg (21 Grams.) This character, originally portrayed by Clarie Danes in T3 , sent… »5/23/08 1:40pm5/23/08 1:40pm