Researchers Finally Disproved a Conspiracy Theory About This Famous Lee Harvey Oswald Photo

There’s a lot of speculation about who really killed President John F. Kennedy. Was it the Cubans? The mafia? The CIA? Or was it a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald? And if Oswald was just a patsy, as he claimed before he himself was killed, could his most famous image be a fake? Researchers have now shown through… »10/20/15 8:00pm10/20/15 8:00pm


Watch JFK's iconic Moon speech, delivered fifty years ago today

Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of John F. Kennedy's legendary clarion call to the United States, to invest its heart, hopes and mind in the exploration of space. An enduring message of audacity and spirit, it remains as rousing (and, arguably, as relevant) today as it did when Kennedy delivered it at Rice… »9/12/12 10:50am9/12/12 10:50am