Read A Great Apocalyptic Story That's Already Been Proved Wrong!

The Apocalypse Triptych covers a lot of apocalyptic scenarios in three books. But Jake Kerr has the unusual distinction of A) writing about a really cool asteroid impact scenario B) hinging his storyline on a future scenario that we already know won't happen. Read Kerr's essay about being wrong, and then read the… » 2/27/15 4:00pm 2/27/15 4:00pm

You've really never seen the Land of Oz like this before

We'll be seeing a lot of strange versions of L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz this year, including Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great and Powerful, and possibly the long-delayed Dorothy of Oz movie with the voice of Patrick Stewart. But these might just be the strangest visions of Oz you'll see for quite some time. » 1/17/13 4:30pm 1/17/13 4:30pm

You've never seen the Wizard of Oz like this before

There are a lot of new takes on L. Frank Baum's Land of Oz coming up, including Sam Raimi's Oz The Great and Powerful, and a new animated film featuring Patrick Stewart and Lea Michele. But the most unique takes might come from a new anthology, edited by John Joseph Adams and Douglas Cohen. Oz Reimagined: New Tales… » 10/22/12 6:30am 10/22/12 6:30am

Share your worst nightmare, and get a full year of Nightmare Magazine

John Joseph Adams' Nightmare Magazine is live on the web, and the first issue features horror fiction from Genevieve Valentine, Sarah Langan, and more. If you've been lamenting the lack of great outlets presenting full-blown horror short stories, then this is a really welcome change. For now, you can read the spooky,… » 10/04/12 3:20pm 10/04/12 3:20pm

Make a sacrifice to this dark, terrifying magazine... before it rises…

Now is your time to pledge your fealty to Nightmare Magazine — before it is fully manifested, and able to inhabit your brain with its raw terrors. The horrifying brainchild of John Joseph Adams, who's brought you Lightspeed Magazine and countless anthologies, Nightmare is poised to overwhelm you with the forces of… » 5/21/12 2:30pm 5/21/12 2:30pm

What it's really like to fight with giant suits of computerized armor

Most of us have dreamed about controlling giant, computerized armor suits like Iron Man does. But what would it really be like to fight inside and alongside these futuristic machines? Or to use them for something other than warfare? Those are the questions posed by the writers collected in John Joseph Adams' latest… » 3/19/12 4:25pm 3/19/12 4:25pm

Greet our new robot overlords with an anthology co-edited by Daniel H.…

Still need more hints about surviving that inevitable robot uprising? Robopocalypse author Daniel H. Wilson is here to help — he is putting out an anthology called Robot Uprisings, full of short stories that illustrate just what it'll take to remain in one piece after our robot overlords have taken over. His co-editor… » 3/14/12 2:36pm 3/14/12 2:36pm