"Rule One: No Complacency": Inside The Early Years of Pixar

The early Pixar films, like Toy Story, still feel like a miracle. And a new book excerpt shows how much of that early creativity came from a handful of guys, sitting around a pile of toys. They wanted something as different from a Disney animated movie as possible, and they had one rule: "No complacency." » 12/09/13 10:32am 12/09/13 10:32am

Tr2n's Master Control Program Ditches Original Scribe

Steve Lisberger, who wrote the original Tron » 7/31/08 12:20pm 7/31/08 12:20pm, has been working on a sequel script for five years - to no avail. Pixar/Disney animation head John Lasseter, who's heading up the sequel, has decided to go forward without Lisberger. But Lasseter's new choice to steer the sequel's light cycles has us suddenly optimistic…